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Feel like a quiz? See how you do with these basketball questions. Answers below.

  • Who invented basketball?
  • UCLA has won the most NCAA men's Tournaments, but which school has won second-most?
  • Which NBA team has made the most appearances in the playoffs?
  • How many active franchises have never appeared in the Finals?
  • Which team has the most Eastern Conference Championships?
  • What is the most number of Overtimes played in an NBA game?

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Basketball was invented in 1891 by James Naismith, a Canadian living in Springfield, Massachusetts, using peach baskets and a soccer ball. He wanted a game that young people could play indoors during winter and not be injured.

The Kentucky Wildcats have a long and successful history in college basketball. They have won 8 NCAA championships (UCLA have 11) but hold records for Tournament appearances (58) and wins (126).

The LA Lakers started life as the Minneapolis Lakers in 1947. Over the last seventy-plus years they have made 60 appearances in the play-offs, five more than rivals the Boston Celtics.

Seven franchises have never made the finals. The Denver Nuggets (W), Minnesota Timberwolves (W), Memphis Grizzlies (W) and Toronto Raptors (E) have all made it to Conference Finals while the LA Clippers (W), Charlotte Hornets (E) and New Orleans Pelicans (W) have only ever reached Conference Semifinals.

Boston Celtics are far ahead on Conference championship wins. They have won 21 while the Philadelphia 76ers are second with 9.

In the 1950-51 season the Indianapolis Olympians beat the Rochester Royals 75-76, but only after 6 periods of overtime. Two other games had 5 periods each. The Milwaukee Bucks and Seattle Supersonics (155-154) in 1989 and the Syracuse Nationals vs Anderson Packers(125-123) in 1949.

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Watch Basketball streams at home or at work? Watch VIPLeague streams on all kinds of devices, phones, tablets and your PC. There’s no sign-up and it’s all free.

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